About Six Cats and Counting

Six Cats and Counting was long in the planning, but the Blog U challenge - to create a brand new blog and get the traffic roaring along in six months - spurred me to action.

For many years, my friends on Facebook commented on my cat stories. "You should start a blog just about the cats!" I shrugged; who would read about my cats? 

But cat lovers are a crazy bunch. We love to read cat stories as well as share them. We also love our feline friends so much that we seek information on health, behavior and training.

Six Cats and Counting is my attempt to share what I've learned over the years of being a cat mama, cat rescuer, and cat lover. I've spent a lot of time learning, researching, and interviewing veterinarians and others for advice on caring for my cats the best that I can. I'm not perfect, and I'm by no means a veterinarian, but I decided to share what I now and learn with you. I hope you enjoy the stories. The cats enjoy telling them!

Genghis Khan kitty with his head in a Halloween pumpkin in my office.

...and editing my work. I am a professional writer and book author. Genghis is my editor.

Rush Hour on our farm.

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