Monday, September 19, 2016

Vaccinations for Cats

Well, we managed to get five of the six felines to the veterinarian this past week. Pierre, our elder statesman, goes to the vet in the spring with Shadow, the dog. The five who went this week include our three outdoor boys, Rocky or former feral feline, and Genghis Khan, our indoor-only boy.

Shy Boy in the garden

The Importance of a Rabies Vaccination

Among all the vaccines for cats available through your veterinarian, the one that should be non-negotiables is the rabies vaccine. Even if your cat is, like Genghis, an indoor-only cat, he needs a rabies vaccination.

Rabies vaccinations are likely required in your locality. Most counties require that dogs, cats and other animals are vaccinated against rabies. In our area, rabies is common - and it's scary. One bite and your pet could be infected.

Even if your cat is indoor only, he should get a rabies vaccination. You never know when a cat will accidentally slip out the door  or find a way outside. All it takes is one mistake, one accident, and you're suddenly facing the hardship of a cat who may have rabies. No one wants that!

In most states, the rabies vaccine is inexpensive - around $10. There's a new 3-year version that's fantastic. One shot and your pet is protected for three years. Ask your pet's veterinarian about rabies vaccinations or look for a local clinic offering very low-cost vaccines.

Vaccinations for Cats

The following vaccinations are available for cats:
  • Rabies: A must for all cats.
  • FBRCP: This protects against rhinotracheitis (R), calici (C), feline distemper or panleukopenia (P).
  • Feline Leukemia - FeLV. Feline leukemia is a dreadful disease. We lost our cat, Raz, to this scourge many years ago. 

There is an FIV or Feline HIV vaccines, but according to our pet's vet, it is temporarily unavailable because the company who makes the vaccine was sold and they aren't producing it yet. 

How often your pet should receive vaccines depends on what his vet says. At a minimum, your pet should go to the veterinarian once a year for a health check and basic vaccines. Preventative medicine is so important to your pet's health!

For more information on vaccines for cats, please see: