Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Japan's Cat Island

My cats in the garden. We have six cats. On Japan's Cat Island, cats outnumber people six to one!

Japan has an island dedicated to cats. Yes, you read that correctly. Japan's cat island, Aoshima, is one mile long and home to hundreds of cats. Cats out number people on the island 6 to 1. The cats arrived on ships many years ago, and decided to stay. Today, the people of Aoshima feed and care for the cats who seem to thrive on the island.

J is for Japan's Cat Island on today's A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Check out this video of Cat Island. I think I want to move there.


  1. So many cats, I wish they could all have a forever home.

  2. Cat island does sound like fun!

    Saint John Island, in the U.S Virgin Islands, also had quite a significant cat population when I visited (10 or so years ago, I'm sure!) so it felt a bit like a cat island. Cats and goats. Or they were very numerous at the eco-resort where we stayed. The cats would wander into our little tent-cabin and lay down on the beds. And they'd follow you along the walkways.

    Tracy (Black Boots, Long Legs)

  3. I have read about this place. Interesting!
    Annie from ~McGuffy's Reader~

  4. Cat Island sounds amazing!
    Great post and good luck with the rest of the A-Z Challenge :)
    My theme for the A-Z Challenge is my favourite fictional characters at ElenaSquareEyes.

  5. Interesting! I've never heard of the island.

    Yvonne V

  6. I thought they had a bunny island?

    Shelly @ http://hangryfork.com

  7. They have both! And an aquarium where you can shake hands with otters. And a zoo where you can watch an elephant swim through a glass-walled water tank. This is why Japan is on my "must visit" list of places ;)