Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Cats Sample Purely Fancy Feast

Thank you to Fancy Feast for the sample of their new Purely Fancy Feast cat food! I received six containers of their new food as part of their Klout program, #PurelyFFReview.

Here's the cat's review...please excuse them speaking with their mouths full...

mom mom MOM! I love this stuff. What is this? Sea bass? Chicken broth? Oh mom mom mom...feed me MORE.

Genghis was the biggest fan of the new Purely Fancy Feast flavors. He wasn't feeling well for the few days before we opened up his Fancy Feast cans. He'd gotten into an awful fight with Shy Boy, and had lost a chunk of his tail. He wasn't eating much of his wet food. I was about to take him to the vet for a check up when he perked up at the plate of Purely Fancy Feast I put in front of him. It was like the magical cure. The cat absolutely loved the new food, all flavors, and is probably your biggest fan, Fancy Feast. Well done!

no. what the heck is this stuff? Beef. I want beef. Give me beef.

Poor Pierre, on the other hand, looked at his plate, looked at me, meowed, looked back at his plate, and cried. I'm not kidding you. I couldn't get him to touch his plate of Fancy Feast with a 10-foot pole. Keep in mind that this is the cat that won't eat ANYTHING other than Friskies' Griller's Blend dry food and Friskies canned beef. That's it. He won't taste anything other than beef, beef, beef, and more beef. It's like he was weaned on a cow.

Shy Boy...Groucho...Whitey

can't talk now. eating. yum. yummy. MORE PLEASE.

My three outdoor boys? They ate their Purely Fancy Feast so quickly I swear they inhaled it. And when they saw another plate of it arriving the next day? They howled with happiness. We even got them to do their trick, "Up, kitty" where they stand on their hind legs and dance around for their dinner. They give Purely Fancy Feast four paws up times three cats for a total of 12 "paws up".

The former stray or feral who now is king.

more, human slaves.

Rocky is part of the fan club for Purely Fancy Feast. He licked his bowl clean, as you can see above. More, please!

So that's the review from the six cats at Seven Oaks Farm. Here's my review:

  • If you have a generally finicky cat, try them on Purely Fancy Feast food. Five out of our six cats devoured the food with gusto, and seemed to love it. I wouldn't go by what Pierre thinks. 
  • Every once in a while, you get a cat who is so fussy about food that he or she will only eat one specific kind of food. My old cat, Baloo, was a 'fish cat' - she would only eat fish flavored foods. Pierre is the opposite. He will only consume beef, and specific brands of beef-flavored food at that. So be it. Just like people, cat have different tastes. 
  • The food comes in smaller containers so that it's easier to feed small, portion controlled meals. I hate having open cans of cat food in the refrigerator. Even with reusable plastic lids, the cans never seal properly. The small Fancy Feast containers eliminate this problem.
  • The food looked like actual food, not the weird squishy pates you often see with cat food. There were recognizable chunks of meat inside each can and they smelled like what they were supposed to be, fish or chicken. To me, this is a sign that the grade or quality of the food is quite high.

I hope you enjoyed my cats' review of their samples of Purely Fancy Feast cat food. Thank you again to Purina for choosing my little feline family to try your products!

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